2016 Dance Plus 2 Winner Name with Photo & Prize Money

Dance Plus 2 (2016) Winner Name with Image: The grand finale of star plus dance reality tv show Dance Plus is schedule for 25th September 2016. The grand finale episode of Dance+ will premiered on TV from 8.00 pm to 10.00 pm and the winner name will be announced on the same day and here on this page I will mentioned the name of Dance Plus 2016 Season2 Winner with image till then you can know about the grand finale top 4 finalists / contestants name and prize money for the 25th September 2016 grand finale which detail information is as follows:

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Dance Plus 2016 Season 2 Winner Name: Tanay Malhara

Tanay Malhara from the team of Dharmesh becomes the emerge winner of Dance Plus season 2. The runner name list is as follows:

Wild Ripperz becomes the First Runner Up of Dance +2
Piyush Bhagat becomes the Second Runner Up of Dance +2
Sushant Khatri becomes the Third Runner Up of Dance +2

the name of dance plus 2 will be announced soon and we will update the name after official announcement however till then you can bookmark or save this page.


2016 Dance Plus 2 Winner Image / Photo / Picture



It will be updated on 25th September 2016 once the winner name is announced we will update it so bear with us.

Dance Plus Grand Finale Date, Day & Time

Date: 25th September 2016
Day: Sunday
Time: 8.00 pm (IST)

Prize Money Details for Dance Plus 2016 Winner

It is expected that the prize money for Dance Plus winner will be the similar to season 1 of dance plus the prize money for season 1 of dance plus was Rs. 25 Lakh it may be increased or will be similar will be clear after the grand finale episode.

Dance Plus 2016 Grand Finale Contestants Name or Top 4 Finalists of Dance Plus 2


It’s clear that one of these 4 finalists will become the emerge winner of dance plus 2 and their name are mentioned below with their voting number so vote as much as you can do for your favorite contestants the list is mentioned below.

  • To Vote for “Tanay” give Missed Call on 18008333351
  • To Vote for “Piyush Bhagat” give Missed Call on 18008333348
  • To Vote for “Wild Ripperz” give Missed Call on 18008333349
  • To Vote for “Sushant Khatri” give Missed Call on 18008333353

What do you think out of these 4 finalists which contestants will be the emerge winner of dance plus 2 or who could be the expected winner of dance plus grand finale 2016 just share your thought in below box and don’t missed tonight dance plus episode.


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